Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A lotta lovin'

We figured we'd post what we did for Valentines after seeing everyone else do the same.
We switched things up a bit and Bryan made dinner, tortellini ( I love the green ones). So I made dessert with our fondue set we got from Val and Garrett. The art of fondue didn't come naturally to us, the chocolate was pretty much burnt on the bottom as soon as the flame started... So we ended up skipping the chocolate and going for the pineapple and strawberries. Now we won't get scurvy!!!

We also exchanged gifts. Bryan surprised me with a pedicure and a set of tans (I complain about being pale in the winter, I space the tanning out so I don't look like Snookie from Jersey Shore) and I surprised him in an Austin Collie jersey from the Colts. He's worn it twice already.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our 5 freebies

Bryan got home and I showed him our new blog. He requested that I post our five celebrity freebies that we get to kiss when the time presents itself without the other person getting mad. We offered these celebrities to each other before we were married though, but we've just had this underlying tension on whether we're serious or not. I hope he's serious about Kevin James.

I was rather nice to him, I gave him:

He loves Beyonce, I approved for the sheer fact that she has her heart set on Jay Z.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, I think she has gorgeous eyes

I think Pam Beasley is super sweet and that she wouldn't kiss and tell about it

Carrie Underwood, because he wanted Brittney Spears but I feel Carrie's a lot more disease free

I also have to give a shout out to Martha, who will keep Bryan prison tough

See full size image

Bryan gave Monica:

Bryan said I could have Batman. I think at the time he was thinking Christian Bale, but I really scored on this one because that opens me up for all the men that have played him

Kevin James, he has a soft spot in his heart for the chubby guy getting the girl

Seth Rogan, because it wouldn't feel like cheating to him since he looks like Bryan

Bryan Ash

And my personal Fav. Jeff Corwin, because given the chance I would have to kiss him with or without Bryan's approval so he said okay.

And for the sheer fact that he can give himself an enema while afloat on his handmade raft, Bear Grylls

Mmm...tastes like chicken.

Our Wild card that's fair game to either me or Bryan:

Will Smith, because even he wouldn't be able to resist those eyes as a woman.

Adjusting to married life

As we've lived together and observed each other more, we've learned quite a bit about each other and our quirks.

What Monica's learned about Bryan:
Bryan likes to take a bottle of water to bed each night, drinks about half of it, and won't finish it off the next day because "it's stale." The process repeats until the bottles collect and fill his bedside table, clears them off and starts a new collection.
(I took this picture this morning)

Something I've also noticed about Bryan is that any food set in front of him is a challenge to his manhood that he must finish eating, leftovers are for girls. (I've also learned I have to sneak vegetables into his food, just like a child)

Football is not a sport to Bryan, it is a hobby, a lifestyle, and he can talk about his Cougars team like they are his real family members.

We're big teeth brushers so in the mornings when we have morning breath, Bryan won't kiss me, instead he sorta just smashes his face onto mine.

What Bryan's learned about Monica:
Monica likes to use sounds to describe her mood and feelings. "EEEEE!" can have multiple meanings, but Bryan's gotten pretty good at differentiating the sounds. Mostly it means I'm excited.

Something Bryan is always shocked about is the amount of hair that I shed. It's not abnormal for him to pull his clothes out of the dryer that were mixed with mine, and then later in the day he'll pull my hair off of his body in some unusual places.

Bryan is surprised I'm such a girl some days. When we first started dating we played Halo, played catch outside and did a lot of guy-ish activities. Some days he's glad I'm more girly, like when I curl my hair for him. Other days he's annoyed like when I watch Grey's Anatomy and Project Runway

Mostly we're excited to keep learning about each other.

New to the blog

So after getting married I hear the next step you must take is open a blog. Now our marriage is real to the world! It's been fun seeing my sister's updates and I figure it's easiest to keep updated on people's lives this way. Recently Bryan and I have been frustrated with school work and mid terms, as all poor college students I'm sure. We're loving every moment of being married and still aren't sick of each other ;) Our next step is going to be catching our blog up from our wedding to now.