Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions...

One of our main resolutions is to post on our blog more, since our last post was on Halloween, so to catch up we made 5 posts today. So apologies to our many fans and readers out there.

Monica's Resolutions: Stop biting my nails (as it has been the same resolution for the past 16 or so years)
I get free drinks from work so I've been drinking at least a cup of hot chocolate a day. I'd like to cut back.

Bryan's Resolutions: Actually study for his tests this year.
Bryan "would like to sculpt his already decent shaped abs, into rock hard abs."

Merry Christmas, from Cindy Lou Who!

Bryan got me the bestest pajamas ever. So all Christmas, (even though I was hot) I got to strut around in these bad boys...
Sadly, Cindy Lou Who is not the best ping pong champion.

After Christmas we checked out Gator Jacks, because our friends said it's the best sandwich place and it has a really cool atmosphere!
It's hard to tell in the picture, but there's a gator behind Bryan

Nickel Arcade

While we were in Utah last month we went with our friends to the Nickel arcade.
We were trying to win as many tokens as possible to get this awesome fake mustache... But instead we got a slap bracelet. Mainly because of this injustice:

Rather than winning 1,000 tickets, we won 4. I felt like we went over 1$ on the price is right.

Also, I went into the bathroom, and I guess because this is a place for kids all the toilets were maybe 8 inches tall.

Bryan's hair

So while attending BYU-Idaho, Bryan has had to keep his hair short. So this semester while we weren't in class he decided to grow out his hair...

As soon as we got out of class in July, Bryan swore he wouldn't cut his hair until January (when we had school again) but his bangs started bugging him so he had his mom cut his hair... All that he asked was that she not cut like she did through all of his childhood, and not give him a bowl cut.

About half-way through his haircut I was dying. It turned out really great, I didn't get a picture of the final product but I sort of wish he kept it like this.

Then later... we went to visit our friends in Utah for the Jazz game. Long story short, I found my clip on hair extensions in my luggage from our wedding...

They went to good use that night while Bryan was playing games with DP.

I think they look better on him anyways

If you drive by Missoula..

So for Thanksgiving we went for a visit to Seattle, and we always stop at the Missoula Taco Bell...

I swear it's like a five star hotel compared to the others. But anyways, that's not the best part of our Thanksgiving...

We got to go see the gingerbread houses downtown..
This one is made of rice krispies.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary at our favorite restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory. When we got home mom had the top of our wedding cake out on the table that she's frozen.
Surprisingly it still tasted good, and it was nice to feed each other without getting any cake in my hair this year...