Friday, December 31, 2010

Bryan's hair

So while attending BYU-Idaho, Bryan has had to keep his hair short. So this semester while we weren't in class he decided to grow out his hair...

As soon as we got out of class in July, Bryan swore he wouldn't cut his hair until January (when we had school again) but his bangs started bugging him so he had his mom cut his hair... All that he asked was that she not cut like she did through all of his childhood, and not give him a bowl cut.

About half-way through his haircut I was dying. It turned out really great, I didn't get a picture of the final product but I sort of wish he kept it like this.

Then later... we went to visit our friends in Utah for the Jazz game. Long story short, I found my clip on hair extensions in my luggage from our wedding...

They went to good use that night while Bryan was playing games with DP.

I think they look better on him anyways

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