Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions...

One of our main resolutions is to post on our blog more, since our last post was on Halloween, so to catch up we made 5 posts today. So apologies to our many fans and readers out there.

Monica's Resolutions: Stop biting my nails (as it has been the same resolution for the past 16 or so years)
I get free drinks from work so I've been drinking at least a cup of hot chocolate a day. I'd like to cut back.

Bryan's Resolutions: Actually study for his tests this year.
Bryan "would like to sculpt his already decent shaped abs, into rock hard abs."


  1. Good luck with those, especially the nail biting. I know the abs won't be too hard for Bryan at all, so I'm not even going to tell him good luck.

  2. What happened to the blog posting more often resolution? Love you both so much! Mom