Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're still alive

Some of our many readers have been asking for more post. Just know that we are alive, and they are still coming.

Bryan and I have just been working tons and doing lots of school, but the semester is over in 3 months so we'll just have to get through it.

By the way... I have a new calling in the ward

I'm in the nursery. At first I thought this was the best news, I thought it would make church a little fun and kids are cute right?

Kids can be the devil. They're sticky, and full of snot and have lungs like I never would've believed. I think I got this calling because I'm one of 4 women in the ward that's not pregnant or doesn't have kids yet. Little did they know this is more of a birth control than a push to get the ball rolling. All in all, I will probably eventually like it, some of the kids are cute, but mostly it's like that part in Finding Nemo where he's talking to the turtle squirt and he says "You're really cute but I have no idea what you're saying"


  1. Congrats on your new calling. I've been there myself, and it is good birth control, I do agree. Glad to hear you are still alive, I've been thinking about you. Good luck with the last part of the semester.

  2. Brent and I were in nursery in our last ward and it seemed like they called couples without children. It was fun at times, exhausting other times. Good luck.

  3. Glad you're blogging again. Nursery can be hard, especially when you have biters, but it can be fun. Good luck!

  4. I am teaching primary, valiant 5. It is not what I expected. And I thought Elder's Quorum lessons on home teaching were hard to get through...


  5. hahaha! no way, im in nursury tooo!! garrett's in the bishopric having nice adult time while i get peed on, snot on my clothes, get fed squished raisins by force and play with toy cars and fake food. lovely lol but the kids are adorable and crack me up. fill me in on any fun stories! :)