Monday, April 19, 2010

Bison parade

So Ricky is currently with us in Idaho checking out the campus during his Spring Break. We took him to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and the paint pots.

Bryan and I had been here when we were younger, but Ricky was 1 the last time we went. On our drive over herds of Bison were just having a party in the middle of the road.

They walked slowly, I nearly had enough time to name them all. My favorite was creepy eyed Wallie. He stood right by my passenger window close enough to pet him.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ten reasons we hate Lady Gaga

10. We can't listen to the radio for more than 10 minutes without them talking about her, or without hearing one of her songs.

9. She thinks she's groundbreaking in everything she does. She needs to take a piece of the humble pie.

8. The way she calls herself "Lady Gaga". It's hard to miss when she says her name in nearly every song. What ever happened to 1st person speech?

7. Because of the lyric "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." I'm pretty sure this lyric is self explanatory

6. For the sheer fact that her clothes are so tight and small I know what she would like naked more than my own body.

5. She dances in blood.

4. The way that she can wear weird clothes and call it fashion. People need to treat her like a child and just ignore her acting out. She was on MTV's Boiling Points once and used to be normal, so this weird behavior and clothes is just for fame.

See full size image
How many Kermits did she have to kill for this outfit?

3. Her shoes. Looks like she kills Armadillos too.
shoes-alexander-mcqueen--large-msg-.jpg image by mahryskablog

2. I never see her wearing any pants.

1. When Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake grab their own crotch it's a dance move. When she does it I feel like she's giving me herpes.

Sigh, at last, I can take a breath

So I took my last final today! Grades are in and I got offered a job in men's suits at JCPenney's. I was apprehensive about working there since it's a half hour drive and gas is expensive, but I'll actually be making 3 dollars more per hour than most jobs around campus, which still isn't very much but ha I'm very glad.

Tomorrow we're headed to Seattle to visit the family and friends. A 12 hour drive ahead full of the license plate game and the second Eragon book. I suspect Devin will have 10 stupid youtube videos to cram down our eye sockets, one of which will be about George Forman, or he'll just keep replaying the same Bruce Springsteen album, but that's why we miss home.

I'm excited to show Bryan around town, I'd like to take him to some good restaurants and the EMP and probably the Locks. I'm thinking he hasn't really experienced Seattle without seeing the homeless people that play the buckets as drums or play the accordion with no teeth, I don't know why those always have to go hand in hand.