Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 things we've already done

Well Bryan suggested since we have a list of 5 things we'd like to do... we should also share 5 things we have already accomplished thus far in life:

1. Won a flag-football championship
2. Won a Basketball team championship
3. Stormed the field at BYU Cougar football win.
4. Outran the cops, on foot.
5. Married a super hot chick.

1. Sank a hole in one... in mini-golf
2. Co-Wrote a one act play in High School/ directed
3. Gone sky diving
4. Tasted the spiciest sauce - 357,000 scoville.
5. Got 5 strikes in a row bowling

Bucket List

While we have to think of everything we've done in the last few months.. Here's another list of things Bryan and Monica would like to do before they die: (we've been watching too much Buried life)

1. Solve a mystery
2.Solve a murder mystery (These are very separate cases)
3. Get in a fight and win
4. Do the running of the bulls
5. Own a giraffe

1. Travel, to Europe
2. Do the gallon milk challenge
3. Write a book or screenplay
4. Save someone's life
5. Be efficient with a musical instrument, probably guitar

We figured we'd keep things a bit more realistic, I know I (Monica) is never running a marathon anytime soon. What's on your list? ;-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Its my first post

Hello everybody, it is Bryan and I've decided to make a post since Monica has been slacking. I would first like to ask all of our readers if this is normal:

What you are looking at is not the leftovers of a haircut, but rather the reason the vacuum wouldn't work. Yes, that is the hair I had to remove from the vacuum in order for it to work correctly. Pretty gross.

Moving right along. Monica bought me some Golf clubs for Christmas and I'm happy to say it finally got warm enough so I could use them. I went to the driving range in Rexburg and this is what my driver looked like after my first hit.

I would like to say that I did end up crushing that ball, but still, who makes a golf club that can't take a single shot from a novice golfer?

Like Monica said in her last post. We have been super busy with school and work. The longer we live in Idaho the more I know I never want to live here after school. We grow weary of the long winters and constantly being surrounded by Mormons. Well that is about all I can say without talking about Jimmer or BYU's upcoming football season, and I know most of our readers our women so I won't bore you with that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're still alive

Some of our many readers have been asking for more post. Just know that we are alive, and they are still coming.

Bryan and I have just been working tons and doing lots of school, but the semester is over in 3 months so we'll just have to get through it.

By the way... I have a new calling in the ward

I'm in the nursery. At first I thought this was the best news, I thought it would make church a little fun and kids are cute right?

Kids can be the devil. They're sticky, and full of snot and have lungs like I never would've believed. I think I got this calling because I'm one of 4 women in the ward that's not pregnant or doesn't have kids yet. Little did they know this is more of a birth control than a push to get the ball rolling. All in all, I will probably eventually like it, some of the kids are cute, but mostly it's like that part in Finding Nemo where he's talking to the turtle squirt and he says "You're really cute but I have no idea what you're saying"