Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our 5 freebies

Bryan got home and I showed him our new blog. He requested that I post our five celebrity freebies that we get to kiss when the time presents itself without the other person getting mad. We offered these celebrities to each other before we were married though, but we've just had this underlying tension on whether we're serious or not. I hope he's serious about Kevin James.

I was rather nice to him, I gave him:

He loves Beyonce, I approved for the sheer fact that she has her heart set on Jay Z.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, I think she has gorgeous eyes

I think Pam Beasley is super sweet and that she wouldn't kiss and tell about it

Carrie Underwood, because he wanted Brittney Spears but I feel Carrie's a lot more disease free

I also have to give a shout out to Martha, who will keep Bryan prison tough

See full size image

Bryan gave Monica:

Bryan said I could have Batman. I think at the time he was thinking Christian Bale, but I really scored on this one because that opens me up for all the men that have played him

Kevin James, he has a soft spot in his heart for the chubby guy getting the girl

Seth Rogan, because it wouldn't feel like cheating to him since he looks like Bryan

Bryan Ash

And my personal Fav. Jeff Corwin, because given the chance I would have to kiss him with or without Bryan's approval so he said okay.

And for the sheer fact that he can give himself an enema while afloat on his handmade raft, Bear Grylls

Mmm...tastes like chicken.

Our Wild card that's fair game to either me or Bryan:

Will Smith, because even he wouldn't be able to resist those eyes as a woman.


  1. Good picks. Jarom and I will have to work on that. Thanks for posting a blog. It will be fun to keep in touch this way.

  2. good choices. good. this is our blog!

  3. Don't forget Val Kilmer. He was one of the Batmans.