Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Domino's vs. Pizza Hut

So normally we get Domino's but yesterday since Pizza Hut has the ten $ pasta deal we decided to order their pasta medley.

So I get to the restaurant to pick up my order and it's obvious that the cashier doesn't have my order. He's sweating bullets and asks
"could it be under another name?"
I give him my maiden name.. No luck
"Uhhh, what's your phone number?"
...No luck
"what did you order?" luck
"Well did you call Domino's?"

I say "why would I call Dominos?"
"Ma'mm... you're in Domino's"

...I guess I went on auto-pilot and not only drove to the wrong restaurant but stood there with 6 other people staring at me waiting for their order.



  1. I love reading your posts! Crack me up every time!

  2. Ha ha, funny! I guess you can't mention my bananas again after this story.

  3. We got a great laugh. Hope the pasta was good!

  4. Reading this just made my day! Love it! So glad I noticed your blog on Jaime's, I'll be keeping up with it now.