Monday, June 14, 2010

39 packets of hot sauce...

I was cleaning out our cupboard today.. and I knew we had a lot of hot sauce, but I hadn't realized it was so much...

I promise we don't go to Taco Bell that often, but when we do go we make sure to grab a few extras for when we make burritos at home.

Bryan also has to ask for "a healthy grip of hot sauce" every time we go through the drive-thru (or a healthy grip of ketchup, depending on the place).

I'm pretty sure if other people saved them like we do they'd acquire the same amount. At least I hope that it's normal.


  1. it is totally normal. I just counted mine & I have about 20. We do the same thing, using them on homemade burritos too. Hey, it's cheaper to use those, then to buy taco sauce.

  2. My parents do it, too. But I'm not really sure they're that normal...

  3. Nice collection! Do you have 72 packets of ketchup too?