Thursday, July 29, 2010

Five celebrities we could beat up

Bryan's List:

5. Jack Nicholson- For the sheer reason I have to watch him in the crowd every time the Jazz play the Lakers.

4. Matt Damon - He never looked all that tough to me. I would destroy Matt Damon! How do you like them apples?

3. George Lopez - Ahhh where to start. Just watch two minutes of his horrible stand up and you will see why I would fight this guy.

2. Nickelback - Okay, Okay, I know what you're thinking. There are four of them. Well i'm in luck 'cause i'm pretty sure I could round up enough guys that share my hatred for this awful band. Look at this picture! That guy with the long hair is just asking for a haymaker to the chin.

1. Kobe Bryant - Anyone who has talked to me for more than 5 minutes knows that I hate Kobe with every fiber of my soul. He beats my team every year, and every year I have to look at that stupid underbite. If I were to ever meet him in the octagon I would unleash a flurry of rage that started 16 years ago. Win or lose I would make sure he could never rape or play basketball again.

Monica's List:
I'm afraid my list isn't as substantial as Bryan's; I'm just going on who I could realistically beat up. Since I get to choose my opponents, I would go against these 5 celebrities in the ring:

5. Dakota Fanning- I feel pretty confident taking on anyone that wears size 0 jeans.

4. Justin Beiber- I think his weakness here is that he blow dries his hair forward so much that it'll block his vision of my right hook.

3. Dora the Explorer- She's so innocent she couldn't hurt a fly, and I just don't have that problem. Not to mention...she's a cartoon.

2. Clay Aiken- I had trouble choosing one picture because every face he makes just proves I could beat him up. He's wearing a turtleneck... Obviously not expecting what's to come.

1. Ke$ha- Just try singing a song without a track and I might respect you a bit more. When her music comes on, my blood boils. Stop telling people to take it off...please Kesha, keep it on.


  1. You two always give me comic relief. I agree with both of you on all the ones I know. Perhaps I should be glad I don't know who Keisha and Nickelback are. Just know that you are fanning Devin's flame(no pun intended) regarding Dakota, George, Clay, and Justin. Mom

  2. I've got your 6 on Clay and Nickleback.


  3. Go ahead and beat up Clay Aiken and Nickleback, but you'd have to fight off me and a lot of other girls if you touched Matt Damon. (Not that I'm much of a fighter, so you'd probably win anyway). And Bryson was totally stoked to see Dora on your post, but when I said "Aunt Monica wants to hurt Dora," he was pretty upset. (Just kidding, I would never poison the kid against you and didn't say that, but he was glad to see Dora nonetheless). Pretty funny post.

  4. Bryan,it makes me so happy to know that you hate Kobe Bryant! Anybody who doesn't is a fool! Not only would I beat up Kobe but I would also take anyone who likes him or roots for the Lakers.