Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bryan...sexiest sportsman of the year

This past week Bryan and the Taylors have been filming a short film about a Sport's fanatic. We went to the park to film and I'm a little worried that the people walking by really thought that Bryan dresses like this every day.

I'd like to do a little photo breakdown:
Slicked back hair
Black socks and loafers
Denim shorts and a belt... need I say more?
No under shirt.

I think maybe he's been taking his wardrobe tips from Devin


  1. Are you sure he doesn't wear that and act like that every day? Jarom wants to see this video when he's done even if Jarom isn't the biggest sports fan out there. He'd only be taking after Devin if he was wearing a denim shirt with those shorts and blue loafers and socks. Too funny.

  2. love this! lookin' good Bryan! Good thing you're already married because I think most girls would take one look at that outfit & run the other direction. :)

  3. haha! oh my goodness this makes me miss you guys soo much! Looking sexy there Bryan!