Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christmas in September

Yesterday was Bryan's birthday. I wrapped his presents in Christmas wrap. You may ask, "But Monica, why not just buy birthday wrap? It's so cheap." ...Sigh. If I compromise on one holiday I'll have to compromise on them all. Not just birthday wrap... but weddings, baby showers, graduations... At first we just turned the wrapping paper inside out and used the white side for weddings and baby showers. But now Bryan suggests it to be our signature wrapping paper.

But his Birthday was fun. We helped his parents move after Bryan got off work and then went to dinner. It's so great that Olive Garden has a never ending pasta bowl to leave you over full and sleepy. When we got home and he opened his presents I thought his favorite gift would be ESPN magazine subscription... but clearly it was this:

His Justin Beiber shirt.


  1. that is just too funny! love the wrap, and the shirt. His expression says it all! Happy Birthday Bryan!

  2. Hooray for JB!
    Happy Birthday, my brother. Can't wait for a Utah Ski trip.


  3. Well what kind of in-laws are we!? I forgot when your birthday was, Bryan. Happy belated birthday. I'll have to send a Christmas present. We went to Olive Garden for NEPB on Thursday. I think we should go there every day through September. Wear the t-shirt with pride.

  4. What a fun birthday, minus maybe the moving. I didn't know Never-Ending Pasta Bowl was going on, so we'll have to hit that up. I love the T-shirt, though the ESPN Magazine should be a close second. Glad to see you using the wrapping paper until it's gone.
    -- Melissa