Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Twenties minutes in line...

Today Bryan and I went to Wal-mart to take his sister shopping. We grabbed one cord to buy for his printer, and we all went to the check out lines. His sister Crystal got in a lane on the left with 3 people in it with only a few items, while Bryan and I got into a line behind an older man, who was also being checked out by an older man. Normally we'd avoid such a situation but the guy was ringing up his last item. And then the guy decides to pay with a traveler's check. So the cashier has to get his ID, and the old guy fumbles around for that, and then the cashier is looking at the man's ID, and they start talking like a couple of girls that they're almost the same age, and though they've aged their minds still feel like they're 25. Then finally the cashier is going to run his check through the machine, and it doesn't come back out, so he's like taking the whole thing apart and Bryan and I just decide to move over to the lane that his sister already got through a long while ago with only one person to ring up. Then as he goes to pay, this guy pays with cash, and Bryan and I are like "sweet, it's not a traveler's check." Sweet it wasn't. The woman is staring like a deer in headlights at the man's money, getting sweaty and anxious. She pushes what looks like every button on the register and calls over to the other register "uh, do you need a calculator?" Rather than answer yes or no the other person is like "well what's the problem?" She says "I just need a calculator" so meanwhile I get my phone out into the calculator program and I start to hand it to the woman, but she's basically in shut-down mode and just stares at the phone (not understanding that it also can be used as a calculator) so then one of the managers comes over to help her. Meanwhile, the old man's line we used to be at realized that the check he was trying to scan fell on the floor all along, and more people are cruising through his line.
So our cashier tells the manager she accidentally entered the wrong cash amount, and she is trying to figure out how much change she really needs to give him (rather than just doing simple math) and they figure out they he needs 10$ and 14 cents back. Really, in that 7 minutes of panicking and looking for a calculator doing that mental math would just take too long.
Meanwhile these are the people that are getting jobs in Rexburg, while all of us with near college degrees are competing for Taco Bell.
So we finally get out of Wal-mart and I turn to Bryan and I'm like "can you believe that?" and Bryan's like "psssh, I know! That lady had a mustache"

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  1. Wow, some people can't get a break. Twenty minutes in line with a lady with a mustache who can't count change. Yikes! You do have a point about the job market in Rexburg though. We're praying for you.