Saturday, March 13, 2010

We visited Utah...

Last weekend Bryan and I drove down to Utah for his buddies wedding in the Salt Lake temple., we actually had to leave on a Thursday night after work and school, so I packed us sack dinners so we never had to stop. We're really nerdy right now, I've been reading Eragon aloud to Bryan when we travel so once it got dark in the car, I rummaged through the car to find one of those wind-up powered flashlights. So with every page you'd also hear the "eeeeee" of the flashlight.

Our trip to the temple was good, long, cold, you know the way all weddings seem. There was a luncheon held at Olive Garden a few hours later so we actually went to the ginormous Church Office Building to visit Bryan's grandma that is currently on her mission in Temple Square. Bryan and I would die if we had to do her job even for an hour a day and were heavily paid. She works in a little cubicle and for the past 3 months she gets up at 5 AM, walks over to the building from her apartment, and she goes on the computer to check the Polish people's records and compares them to the ones the Church has. Basically she just has to look at every name and see if all the accent marks line up. You can see why she'd get so excited if she found a mistake after 8 hours of that a day. It's perfect for her though because she seems happy.

Now... onto Saturday..
Best Restaurant Ever, aka THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. We've made it a ritual to stop when we visit Utah. One: because all of the restaurants in Rexburg are really boring, if you could even call our taco bus a restaurant. Two: Because these avacado egg roll appetizers are the closest thing to ambrosia I've ever eaten. I'm pretty sure it's only 2 or 3 egg rolls cut up, but you can party in every bite. We actually got a knock off recipe to try and make at home, but when we went to the store we realized that all the ingredients would cost nearly 40 dollars so we just put that stuff back.

I guess the only thing that confuses me is why cilantro has to appear on every plate for someone to call it fancy.


  1. You guys aren't nerds... Nate and I are actually reading our third Eragon book aloud to each other. And before that it was the Harry Potter series. Okay, maybe it's a little nerdy... (and those egg rolls do look REALLY good.)

  2. those egg rolls are amazing!!! I love them!!

  3. We used to read out-loud to each other too. It's actually kind of fun. Love the cheesecake factory. That appetizer looks delicious.

  4. Glad you had a good weekend. Those egg rolls look good. We used to read aloud to each other on trips too, so I guess we're all nerds.