Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got a job interview for tomorrow

JcPenny's gave me a call today. It was my very first job I had while I was in High School and 16 years old, so I really feel that as I'm in college I'm digressing, but hey, it's work. I think although I got sick of it before, it'll be good for me now since I have a lot better attitude about work and will laugh things off when the bosses are being sour.

If I get the job this means two things:

1. Bryan and I will be seeing less of each other
2. I will be filling this void with Cafe Rio, because it is across the street from JcPenny.

The only hesitation I have of nailing the job is that they're most likely to hire someone immediately and we're scheduled to visit home in Seattle in 2 weeks, and that's a lot to ask the company for time off right away. So hey, we'll see.


  1. Good luck. A job is a job, especially in this market. We're praying everything works out for you.

  2. good luck on the interview Monica. Hey, if they want you bad enough, then they'll give you the time off.

  3. Monica- forget Bryan. Cafe Rio will be good for you.